Irregular timecode formats

If you ever got the following Irregular timecode, how can you transform them to the Finalsub format or SRT/STL format, or even Adobe Encore Text Script format?


With Finalsub, you just choose menu “Tools-Convert Timecode Format”, Finalsub will convert all irregular timecode to the Finalsub format: [00:00:00.00].  You can now export the subtitles to Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore or SRT files.

But if you got a file like below. It’s different from FinalSub. How can we transform them?

00:03:56:17 00:04:01:00 I bet you did.
00:04:02:21 00:04:05:24 Who cares?
00:04:06:01 00:04:08:13 You’d better not to go.
00:04:08:15 00:04:10:03 It’s out of control.
00:04:10:06 00:04:15:10 Dangerous everywhere.
00:04:15:13 00:04:18:18 How can I make it?
00:04:18:20 00:04:21:21 Think about it.

All we need to do it paste them to Finalsub, choose menu “Tools-Convert Timecode Format”. Then select all and copy, under the “Hand” mode, press delete to delete timecode only. After that, choose menu “Edit-Replace the selected timecode”.

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