SRT Converter

Convert between hundreds of subtitle formats/在上百种字幕格式之间进行转换

Video tutorial-How to convert subtitles in Excel file to SRT file/如何将excel中的字幕转换为srt字幕文件

Supported Subtitle FormatsSupported non-standard subtitle files
SRT, Subrip
Different kinds of non-standard SRT files
STL, Spruce Subtitle File
SUB, Subviewer 1.0 & 2.0
SSA, Sub Station Alpha
ASS, Advanced Sub Station Alpha
SCC, Scenarist closed captions
SMI, SAMI and SAMI Modern
TXT, Adobe Encore
SBV, YouTube SBV
XML, YouTube Annotations
SUB, DVD Subtitles
TXT, Quicktime Text
MPL, Mplayer2

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