How to make multi language subtitle based on the same timecode?

Some times, after we authoring a DVD or making a final output movie, we want to do a multi language subtitle.  We already have all the timecode made in Finalsub, or we have a SRT file already. How can we easily make a multi language subtitle file?

With FinalSub, it’s super easy!  Make sure the other language text is exactly the same lines to original one. Copy them, return to FinalSub,  Select all the content you want to replace with, Choose menu “Edit-Replace the selected text(Command+option+v)” .

Finalsub will retain the timecode and replace the text. Then you can send the subtitles to Final Cut Pro or export to SRT file.

If you have a SRT file, just import the corresponding movie, then load the SRT file by choosing Finalsub menu “File-Load SRT file”. Do the samething above.

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