Contact us / 联系我们

Should you have any question or bug report, Please email to us.

How to report a bug or request a new feature by email

e-mail / 电邮

1. App Crashed: Please attach the crash report to the email. Meanwhile, you’d better attach your original files which caused a crash. 软件崩溃:请将崩溃报告复制黏贴,然后发邮件给我们,同时,您最好附上导致崩溃的原始的文件。

2. No crash, but unexpected output file or no output file at all: Please send us screenshot about the Mac, version of our app, and attach your original files as well. 如果没有崩溃,但出现未知错误或无输出文件,请发“关于本机”的截图/我们软件版本号,并附上您的原始文件。

3.  Request a new feature:  Please make a screen recording  to specify what you are asking in detail. You can use Quicktime Player to record  a screen. The following picture is to show how. 申请一个新的功能:请用录屏的方式非常具体地告诉我们。您可以使用Quicktime播放器来录屏,下图是录屏的操作方法。

4. SRT Converter: If your subtitle file is not working, please attach the file in the email. 有关SRT Converter这个字幕格式转换软件:如果您的文件不能转换或转换错误,请把它作为附件发电邮给我们。