Burn subtitles to your video on Mac

Subtitle Burner

Add subtitles to videos as hard subtitle.

There are two kinds of video subtitles. One is soft subtitles, the other is hard subtitles.
Soft subtitles is like a subtitle track attached to video, which can be shown and switched on/off in some modern media player, but not all of them. The formatting of subtitles overlay to video, like font, size are decided by the player. There is no video quality loss adding subtitles, but somehow it’s not safe or compatible with media players.;

Hard subtitles is burned to video permanently and cannot be switch on/off. It’s safe for any media player and you decide how the subtitles looks like exactly, for example, the position, size, font, color, background etc. But there is slightly quality loss adding subtitles to video permanently.

Subtitle Burner is a tool to burn hard subtitles to your videos on Mac.

–Only Mov, MP4, M4V videos are supported so far. DRM M4V is not supported.
–SRT subtitle file supported only. You can download SRT Converter to convert subtitle to SRT format.
–Visually drag subtitle box to do positioning.
–Font, size, color, position, outline, background box settings.
–Support all languages of subtitles on Mac.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us by helloliubin@gmail.com
–If you want soft subtitles, please download Subtitle Writer.
–If you want to import subtitles to Final Cut Pro, please download Final SRT.
–If you want to import subtitles to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, please download Premiere SRT.
–If you want to batch upload videos to YouTube, please download Batch Uploader for YouTube.
–If you want to extract soft subtitles from video, please download SRT Extractor.

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