How to join videos into one file and reduce video file size

Clip Merge

Merge video files with/without compress.

Sometimes you wanna share your videos to your family or friends. But the videos are in couple of files and they are big in file size. How to merge these videos to one file with much smaller file size? With Clipmerge, it’s easy.

Just drag and drop your video files to Clipmerge, then set the order. If you wanna merge the videos without quality loss, please uncheck this button.Click on Merge button to continue. This popup panel is for further settings. You can change the bitrate here. Bigger number with higher video quality and bigger file size. Smaller number with lower video quality and smaller file size. That’s your choice. Or just leave it by default 3000. Mostly you can reduce 5 times of the file size without losing video quality.

We suggest you to use videos with exactly same video format. But if you have videos in different format, different frame size or different frame rate, you can set a fixed frame size and frame rate here.

Since all of my 4 videos are from the same Gopro camera, I just click on OK button to continue. Then input your file name and choose a folder, Save and wait. It’s a video compressing and merging process and It might take a very long waiting. Ok, it’s done, let me check the file size. Oh, it’s just 52MB, way smaller than these original videos. Let me play the video.

Clipmerge is available on Mac App Store and we’re keeping updating it. Thank you.

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