Import SRT Subtitles to Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro 7
将SRT字幕导入到Final Cut Pro X / 7

Video tutorial English / 视频教程(中文教程在下面)

Video tutorial Chinese / 中文视频教程



Final Cut Pro 7Final Cut Pro XSystem requirementFramerate/Timebase
Make a title as title template
Make a title as title template
Final Cut Pro 7 with Mac OS 10.7 or above
FinalSRT use the frameduration from XML file
Export a xml from Final cut pro
Export a fcpxml from Final cut pro
Final Cut Pro X 10.1 with Mac OS 10.9 or abovemake sure the frame rate of sequence or project is exactly the same with SRT original movie
Drag the xml and srt files to FinalSRT
Drag the fcpxml and srt files to FinalSRT
Export a xml out for Final Cut ProExport a fcpxml out for Final Cut Pro

Solution for DTD errors or other problems / 解决DTD错误和其它错误的方法


For users outside Mainland China, please visit the following Youtube video:

Make a Title Template Auto Wrap and Align to Bottom / 在FCPX里创建一个自动折行并底部对齐的字幕模板

Screenshots / 屏幕截图

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Report a bug or request a function / 报告问题或请求新功能

Please send email to, attach your SRT file and XML file. 请发邮件至,并附上您的SRT文件和XML文件。

Please check: 1.Is your SRT file is a standard one? 2. Make your FCP project of Title Template as simple as possible. 请检查:1.您的SRT文件是否标准,有无错误? 2. 把您的字幕模板的FCPX项目简化至只有一个视频,并连接一个字幕,如下图: