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Most problem might be solved by following these instructions. If problem is still there, please email to and attach your original xml and SRT file, note the version of Finalsrt and FCPX as well.

If there are too many subtitles on timeline and slows down FCPX dramatically, please select the subtitle compound, then go to FCPX menu–>Clip–>Break Apart Clip Items.

00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:00,100
Please delete this subtitle after imported to FCPX

1. DTD error: Update your FinalSRT. Or duplicate your working project and delete everything, then simply make a gap and connect a title on the gap. Export a xml and use FinalSRT to make a subtitled xml for FCPX. When you get the subtitles package, just copy them to your working project. If you find something not going right with the subtitled project, also use this method.

2. DTD ts3, ts4… error: If you get similar error message like below image when importing xml to FCPX, please make sure there is only  1 font setting in 1 line of subtitle in your original Title Template. When you see ID ts3 or ts4, it means you have 3 or 4 font settings in the title template. Just go back to FCPX and change the Title Template.

3. Import your original xml to FCPX to check if the original xml is going wrong. If the original xml has something wrong in FCPX, so has the output xml from FinalSRT. Some users used wrong xml files.

4. No subtitle when importing xml from FinalSRT to FCPX: Please check if the duration of FCPX project is shorter than the 1st subtitle in SRT file. If so, FinalSRT has no idea where to put the subtitle package in.

5. FCPX 10.3.x: When sending xml to FCPX or importing subtitled xml to FCPX, there is a pop up windows asking you to Replace/Keep both the project, choose Keep both. You’ll get a new project with subtitles.

6. SRT file error: Check if your SRT file is in standard format, sometimes enduser doesn’t get a SRT, though its name is in .srt extension. Standard format should be exactly like the following. Note, the last 3-digit is millisecond, not Frames.
00:00:00,160 –> 00:00:01,410
You’ve been placed on hold.

00:00:01,560 –> 00:00:02,220
Please wait.

7. SRT file encoding error: If the srt is not acceptable or some of the special symbol missed, please try to open srt file in your text editor and save it to a new .srt file with UTF-8 encoding.

8. SRT timecode not starting from 00:00:00.00 Make sure your timeline is longer than the first subtitle in SRT file. Or change your SRT starting time via SRT Edit Pro/Subtitle Edit Pro or other free SRT editing app.

9. Break up the subtitle compound may speedup FCPX on some Macs. Go to FCPX menu-Clip-Break Up Clip Items(Shift+Command+G).

10. Make a Title Template Auto Wrap and Align to Bottom.Video Tutorial.

11. FCP7 Outline Text alignment. There is a bug for align left or right. It just simply doesn’t work. Please use 3rd party text plug-in instead. You can download from here. Please unzip it and install this plug-in to /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins

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