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Create SRT File and edit SRT File on you Mac
Subtitle Edit Pro 4.0 is available today and it fixed a big bug that mess up the subtitles. Please go update it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 10AM GMT+8 Sep 11, 2017

1. sep project file can be open in TextEdit or other text apps.

When anything weird happens, open the .sep project file in any textedit app, then copy all timecode and subtitles and paste them to a new .sep project. You won’t lose any of your work.

2. If Subtitle Edit Pro cannot open your SRT file, there might be some problems going with the SRT file itself. Please refer to the SRT part of this post: PremiereSRT Question and Answer.

3. Report bug:

4. Subtitle Edit Pro Short Cut List

Video Playback Control
Shortcut NameResult
TabPlay or Pause video
Command+KPlay or Pause video
Command+JStep backward video for specific frames
Command+LStep forward video for specific frames
Shortcut NameResult
F6(fn+F6 on laptop) or Command+,Insert Timecode
Command+enter(same shortcut in Waveform Textview editing)Insert Line Break
Option+enter(move the cursor to the text position where you want to split)Split Subtitle
Delete timecode only
Shortcut NameResult
Command+deleteSelect a group of timecode and text
Timecode Manipulation
Shortcut NameResult
Mouse click on timecodeHighlight and Select Timecode
Left Arrow KeyMove timecode backward specific frames
Right Arrow KeyMove timecode forward specific frames
Up Arrow KeyJump to previous timecode
Down Arrow KeyJump to next timecode
Waveform Mouse Operation
Shortcut NameResult
Double clickPlay video
Single clickPause video
Double click on Subtitle BlockEdit Subtitle Text
Scroll on Mac Magic Mouse or TrackpadMove Waveform Forward or Backward
Option+PC Mouse Left KeyMove Waveform Forward or Backward
Waveform Shortcut
Shortcut NameResult
Command+ +zoom in waveform horizontally
Command+-zoom out waveform horizontally
Option+ +zoom in waveform vertically
Option+ –zoom out waveform vertically
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